Irish Medicine Board Licensed Tissue Establishment
Eurocord ED

Secure, certified realtime biostorage of valuable biological materials for medical/scientific research, healthcare, medical device, pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical sectors

  To meet the strategic objectives of ongoing and future scientific and medical research, Biostór Ireland designed and constructed a technologically advanced repository for storage and distribution of biological materials. This facility has been inspected by the Irish Medicines Board (IMB) and complies with the requirements of the EU Directive 2004/23/EU for storage and distribution of Human Tissues and Cells. Biostór also complies with the principals of current Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP), FDA requirements 21 CFR Part 1271 and ISBER (International Society of Biological and Environmental Repositories) Best Practices for Repositories.  
  5 founding principals of Biostór Ireland  
Affordability - Provide the customer with verifiable cost benefit and value for money. Do the job significantly cheaper than it is currently being done. Reduce the cost of healthcare. Make us more competitive.

Responsibility - Comply with regulatory obligations. Be true to our principals and do what we believe is right. Be conscious of the consequences of our actions. Be precise, accurate and straightforward.

Entrepreneurship - Implement technology with proven advantage, automate, be creative and challenge the status quo. Bridge the gap between public and private. Do it better than anyone else and have fun doing it.

Prosperity - Keep our eye on the ball at all times. Think clearly and act resolutely. Create growth and profit for our company and our customers.

Generosity - Be generous with our time, our knowledge and our money. Re-invest our profit in research to combat illness and disease, to better human health and society.

Biostór Ireland, Kilrane Business Park, Rosslare Harbour, Co. Wexford, Ireland. t: +353 (0) 53 9161398, f: +353 (0) 53 9161789, e:, (map)
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